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Student loan payments are coming up and I feel like I barely have enough money to cover them. I decided to sell some of my characters to ease the burden a bit so if any interest you let me know! 
I am  willing to haggle on prices if need be. 

3d2a72 2c16e7447ce045eda0acdb6253d7a90f-mv2 D 2775 by PreciousLobeliaFern
Paid $25

2818439 gIbmzT9TvWZSvSZ by PreciousLobeliaUnnamed Lace Pony

Paid $11

Ninfa by PreciousLobeliaUnnamed Ninfa (I believe the species is no longer active)
Paid $14

20161228 100301 by PreciousLobelia Drink themed pony 

Paid $25

Colt Adopts By Engibee-db4nbts by PreciousLobeliaUnnamed Stallion:
Paid $10

Candle Wick Full Size By Glacial Adopts-darl3pq by PreciousLobelia Candlewick Magic Sprite
Paid: $15

2818647 Ol38WysSbiU3rwJ by PreciousLobeliaUnnamed Steampunk pony
Paid $5

Extremely Tentative

These characters are very dear to me so it will take a lot for me to let them go. 


Foxpond Ych Saberdragon by EarlNoir Mackeswell and Digby

Looking for at least $50. Comes with extra art:…

Scented Pony:

Sugar Patches by xWhiteDreamsx Sugar Patches

Looking for at least $60. Comes with extra art

Commission: Fire Dance by frostykat13 Forest Flame

Looking for at least $150. Comes with extra art:…

G0221 by PacadexPacapillar Rotten Easter Egg

Looking for $60. Comes with extra art:…

Thanks for looking! 
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Kai-Alive Featured By Owner Edited Feb 11, 2017
I can pay for electric raspberry! :D

Edit: We both love his design, we have agreed to co-own
H-analea Featured By Owner Edited Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh I absolutely love Electric Raspberry,, 
Is there any way you'd be willing to trade art for him? Or do you accept points? qwq

Edit: I have more than enough to pay for him, I only have points atm tho
PreciousLobelia Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
I got Kai-Alive's note. Thank you so much for purchasing him, I'm glad he will be going to a good home!
H-analea Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah okay, thank you so much!
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